The most valuable modelmaking asset is not the machines or equipment but the people. Recruitment in the model making industry is still predominantly conducted by word of mouth and personal contacts. As the former head of model making and photography for architect Lord Richard Rogers, I am uniquely placed within the architectural and design industry to utilize the knowledge, experience and links from over twenty years of heading an In-house modelmaking workshop to source and identify the right modelmaker for your position, or to find the right job for you.

I have recruited numerous modelmakers over the years, many of whom have gone on to manage workshops. I have all the technical knowledge required to interview and spot an outstanding portfolio as well as all the people management experience to identify the temperament and the spark in someone who has the ability to work collaboratively, to connect and liaise with people and teams. If you are a modelmaker seeking work I can help you tailor your portfolio to suit your goals

I have built a large network of industry connections in London, the UK and internationally and have a huge amount of knowledge in respect of all the skills, technology, processes and character traits needed to place modelmakers.

If you need to find a modelmaker, or you are a maker seeking work, please call me.

Mike +44 (0)7769707830